Alfredo Penne Pasta

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Alfredo Penne Pasta

by Ambreen Shahzad
For Chicken marination
marinate chkn fillet with garlic powder (1/2tsp), soya sauce, (1 tsp)garlic oyster sauce(1/2 tsp), blk pepper, bbq sauce(1/2tsp), chilli sauce,(1/2) chilli flakes pinch, 1 tsp tandoori masala lev for 1 hr
In a pan add butter (1 tsp) put chicken n grilled till chicken is done. Set aside.

For pasta
Boil 2 cup penne pasta with water, salt and oil. Drain, rinse with cold water and set aside.

For Alfredo Sauce
add butter,(1/2 tsp) cream 1/2 packet, salt (to taste), black pepper (1/3tsp) white pepper 1/3 tsp), garlic powder ( 1/2tsp) and milk (1 cup )in a pan and cook till it thickens. Once thicken add cheddar cheese ( 2_3tbsp) oregano and dried parsley mix well with whisk so it should be smooth. Add Parmesan(1/2tsp) and save 1 tsp for garnishing.

For Plating
Add pasta first, then pour alfredo sauce, then grilled chkn and lastly add parmesan cheese, sprinkle chilli flakes, parsley garnish with Jalapenos.
Ready to serve.

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