Fish Biryani

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Fish Biryani 

by #Sana Umair‎

For fish marination
In 2 tbsp yogurt add 1 packet of Shan biryani fish masala, 2 lemons squeezed, Chinese salt, 3tbsp all purpose flour(maida) and 2 tbsp cornflour and ginger garlic paste. Mix n marinate fish for at least 1hr.

For rice masala
Brown 1 onion(thinly sliced) in hot mustard oil den add ginger garlic paste mix dem add 2 tomato n cook until tomatoes r soft den in 1bowl of yogurt mix shan Sindhi biryani masala add in tomato onion paste add whole black pepper n cook until oil separates

Deep fry fish in mustard oil. Boil rice. For layering add rice den masala den fish n some yellow food color den rice, make 2 3 layers like dis on topmost layer after adding masala and fish put some fried brown onions, lemon, 2 3 drops of biryani essence n put on dam fr at least 15min.

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