Chicken and corn chowder in Bread bowl

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Chicken and corn chowder in Bread bowl

by #Erum Ka #Erum Kamran‎ mran‎

For bread bowl 
750gms flour
1tbs sugar
2tsp salt
2tbs butter melted or oil
Yeast 3tsp
Bread improver 2tsp must
Water normal 1and half cup
Knead a soft dough leave to rise divide into six balls slash a cross on top leave for second proofing apply egg white and bake for 25 mins or till brown put an empty iron karahi in lower channel of an oven while preheating put hot boiling water
But very carefully to create steam along with buns in oven and bake

For chowder
I cup boil shredded chicken
500ml chicken stock
500ml milk
1 carrot chopped
1onion chopped
Corn 1/4 cup
Salt pepper
Chicken PWD 1tbs
Garlic powder 1tsp
Butter 50gms
Maida half cup +2tbs
Chadder cheese 100 gms
2boil potatoes grind with half cup of stock

Heat butter fry onion and carrot add maida fry add dry ingredients on then add milk and cheese mix thoroughly add blended potatoes add corn chicken 1tsp of parsley
Let it boil and cook on slow flame for 15 to 20 mins if I find it thick add more milk if u find it thin add little cornflour mixture adjust the seasoning serve with chopped spring onions and chopped cilantro
Cut bowl from center scoop out and make bowl serve it

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